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Spark Plug

Spark Plug Replacement

Avoid engine problems by letting Saul’s Autotek replace your spark plugs.

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Spark plugs are a device in a vehicle's engine that generates a spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture and power the engine.

Over time, spark plugs can become worn or fouled. When they do, they can cause misfires, hard starts, increased emissions, and poor fuel economy.

For most vehicles, spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles. It’s best, however, to check the vehicle owner’s manual for the exact interval. It’s also recommended to replace spark plug wires simultaneously to avoid all the issues mentioned above and improve engine performance.

At Saul’s Autotek, we offer spark plug replacement as part of our tune-uр services for standard auto maintenance. When you need spark plug replacement, bring your vehicle to our full-service repair shop, and our ASE-certified technicians will inspect it. We can skillfully replace your spark plugs and diagnose any other potential vehicle issues.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Spark Plug Replacement

Neglecting to replace your spark plugs on time can decrease your vehicle’s performance in the short term and cause significant damage in the long run. To make your vehicle last longer, here are some common signs you need to have your spark plugs replaced:
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1. Your vehicle has trouble starting.

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the spark that powers your engine. Over time, they can wear out and become less effective, making it difficult for the engine to start. If your vehicle stalls when starting, it may be due to malfunctioning or damaged spark plug wires.
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2. Your engine misfires.

While engine misfires might be due to a faulty emission system or a vacuum leak, it’s often caused by at least one worn spark plug. When a spark plug fails, it can no longer provide the required spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s cylinders. As a result, the mixture may not ignite and cause a misfire.
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3. Your vehicle has difficulty accelerating.

If you notice that your vehicle is less responsive than it was before, especially when you accelerate, it can be an indication of damaged spark plugs. The best action to take is to get them checked and serviced immediately to avoid driving a slow and fuel-inefficient vehicle.
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4. Your "check engine light" comes on.

Even if you fail to have your vehicle regularly checked, its system will warn you of possible problems. The check engine light is an early warning sign that something is wrong and can indicate that you have a faulty spark plug. Don’t ignore it to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

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Why Invest in Spark Plug Replacement

Regular spark plug replacement is vital to routine vehicle maintenance and can help ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Here’s why you should have your spark plugs replaced:

Worn-out spark plugs might cause incomplete combustion and lead to wasted fuel and reduced gas mileage. New spark plugs can ignite the fuel-air mixture more effectively and improve combustion efficiency.

While replacing spark plugs does not directly increase horsepower, it does help with achieving optimal combustion. Improved combustion leads to better current flow and faster engine response during acceleration.

Replacing spark plugs at the recommended intervals ensures efficient combustion of fuel and air. New spark plugs provide a stronger spark, which results in better fuel ignition and, ultimately, better vehicle performance.

By replacing old and faulty spark plugs, you reduce environmental harm. Faulty spark plugs can cause the engine to release more harmful emissions in an attempt to function, whereas new spark plugs produce less of these emissions.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Saul’s Autotek has served thousands of satisfied vehicle owners in the Centennial State since 1989. Our commitment to excellence and years in the industry assure you that we’re among the best providers of spark plug replacements. Here are just some reasons why we stand out:

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Avoid roadside emergencies through reliable spark plug replacement from Saul's Autotek.

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