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Our ASE-Certified Team

Our ASE-Certified Team

With our professional auto mechanics on the job, your vehicle’s optimum performance on the road is guaranteed.

Serving the Centennial State Since 1989

Car maintenance is more than just refilling your car's gas and bringing it to a car wash.

Your car needs regular diagnostics, proper maintenance services, and appropriate repairs to preserve its value and pristine condition. Having a dependable and professional partner is essential to keep up with your vehicle’s needs. Having a dependable and professional partner is essential to keep up with your vehicle’s needs.

At Saul’s Autotek, we have a team of professionals who can take excellent care of your vehicle. Our mechanics have an Automotive Service Excellence certification and over 250 years of combined experience. Having been in the industry since 1989, we guarantee reliable auto repair and maintenance for your car.

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Meet the Team

We at Saul’s Autotek take pride in our certified and well-experienced auto mechanics. Here’s our team:

1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Saul Reisman working on vehicle repairs

Saul Reisman

The Chief Executive Officer of Saul’s Autotek, Saul Reisman, has been helping numerous residents of the Centennial State with their automotive needs for over ten years now.

Land Rover
A set of auto repair tools

Kent Davis

Saul’s Autotek’s Chief Finance Officer, Kent, has been in the company since the beginning. His wide breadth of knowledge and experience has been a great help to the team.

Geoff Parker

Geoff Parker

As a retired major league baseball player who now uses his found strength to help keep cars on the road, Geoff is a key team player and major performer.
Robert Leonard working on some writings

Robert Leonard

Bob has spent his career in automotive and is one of our best service writers. His in-depth knowledge has been a significant advantage for our team.

Jordan Lund

Jordan Lund

With extensive aftermarket and customization experience, Jordan brings knowledge of both the racing and tuning community, along with repair expertise and precision, to the table.

Dante Lewis

Dante Lewis

Graduated up the ranks from C-Tech through a major corporate player and who’s now a shining star at Autotek, Dante is a true team player and athlete with multiple out-of-state football championships from his past.

Randy Meyer working on vehicle repairs at Saul's Autotek's shop

Randy Meyer

Randy has been with Saul’s Autotek for years. With his comprehensive knowledge of cars, he can precisely and efficiently fix almost anything on wheels.

Juan Cano showing his hands after working on repairs

Juan Cano

Juan started his automotive career with Saul’s Autotek and learned everything from scratch. He was then a driver and is now one of our best technicians.

Erik Arnett

Erik Arnett

As a 35-year ASE Master Technician with heavy-duty, fleet, and emergency equipment experience, Erik can rebuild, overhaul, or replace, ANYTHING. He is truly an industry-leading expert.

Carson Starver

Carson Staver

Fresh out of trade school and has been working with Autotek for the past couple of years through the Cherry Creek High School Innovation Campus, Carson is an aspiring young man who continues to grow through the ranks with the help of his amazing mentors.

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