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Oil Changes

Oil Change

Maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance with timely and dependable oil changes.

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Your vehicle's engine relies heavily on oil to ensure smooth operation.

The oil acts as a lubricant that reduces friction between metal parts, helps cool the engine, and prevents carbon and varnish buildup. Regular oil changes, as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, are crucial for maintaining the health of your engine and maximizing its performance.

Going long enough without an oil change can eventually lead to complete engine failure and cost you your vehicle. That’s why at Saul’s Autotek, we provide efficient oil changes to keep your engine running at its best. We carry a range of high-quality oil brands. From synthetic and conventional to high-mileage oils, our technicians will help you choose the right type of oil for your vehicle’s specific needs.

A car mechanic performing an oil change by pouring in new car engine oil

Oil Change At Saul's Autotek

While you have numerous options for oil changes in the Centennial State, we at Saul’s Autotek take a different approach and do professional oil changes by following manufacturer guidelines.

We don’t just change the oil, but we offer full-service maintenance solutions to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently for the long term. Our services involve:

Signs Your Vehicle Requires an Oil Change

For older models, specifically those made in the past decades or so, we recommend changing the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every three months. However, depending on your driving habits, new engine technologies, and high-performance oil requirements, a 5,000-mile schedule might suit you best.

It’s best to follow your regular maintenance schedule for oil changes. However, there are also signs indicating that your vehicle is in need of an oil and filter change:

A car's dashboard showing numerous warning lights

1. Dashboard Oil Reminder

Modern vehicles use an oil monitoring system that considers your driving patterns to determine when an oil change is necessary.
A mechanic holding a motorcycle's black oil dipstick

2. Dark Oil on the Dipstick

Clean oil is light amber or brown, but if it becomes dark brown or black, it’s a sign that it’s time for an oil change.
A female car owner worrying over her overheating car engine

3. Overheating

Poor lubrication can cause your engine to generate excess heat. So, call for an oil change if you encounter overheating.
An auto mechanic checking a car's oil by removing the oil dipstick

4. Engine Noises

Grinding or tapping noises may indicate that your oil level is too low to protect your engine. Low oil levels can lead to serious damage if not addressed promptly.
A car's exhaust pipe emitting a ton of smoke

5. Smoke from the Tailpipe

Fresh, high-quality oil produces translucent vapors. If vapor changes into smoke, it might be a sign of a faulty engine pipe or oil leakage.

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Why Get Your Oil Changed Regularly

Whether you have a brand new vehicle or one that has clocked 200K miles, regular oil changes offer great benefits, including the following:
Oil changes help keep the internal moving parts of your engine lubricated and clean, resulting in a smoother ride.
Old oil carries debris, which can damage engine parts. Changing the oil and filters helps keep these harmful particles out of your engine.
Clean, new oil improves lubrication and reduces friction, which can slow down your engine and cause you to visit the pump more often.
Routine oil changes can help reduce emissions and ensure that your vehicle passes the emission test.
Keeping the oil clean and fresh is the best way to lubricate and protect your engine from damaging factors that cause corrosion.

Why Choose Saul's Autotek

Saul’s Autotek provides comprehensive vehicle maintenance. We’re trusted by a lot of vehicle owners when it comes to routine oil changes, and here’s why:

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Protect your engine's health with regular oil changes from our ASE-certified technicians.

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle needs an oil change, schedule an appointment for oil and fluid diagnoses today. We’ll help you stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements.

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