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Souping Up A Jeep Cherokee Auto Repair In Denver CO

Good morning. I’m Saul Reisman here at Saul’s Automotive, and today we’re gonna talk about a little bit of one of my personal favorite vehicles, one of the ones that I drive every day and one of the most common after-market-serviced vehicles we see here, the Jeep Cherokee.

Produced from 1984 to 2001, with over two million production vehicles on the market, this was one of the most reliable vehicles ever sold in the United States. Most of the ones that come in for service to us have over 300,000 miles and have been on the road for more than two decades, phenomenal in and of itself.

For a lot of Denver Jeep owners, they understand that the moniker “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” really, truly applies to these motor vehicles. The engine that was in this vehicle was originally designed as a tractor engine in World War II so that if the vehicles were incapacitated, they could still use the generator to run their electrical needs and necessities otherwise. Well, fast forward 50 years, 60 years, 70 years of engineering now, and not only did Jeep produce a phenomenal vehicle with that 50 years of engineering, but the after-market has responded in kind for the past two decades with many companies producing bigger, better, stronger parts for these vehicles.

We see many owners that come in with their Jeeps that want to lift it and put big tires on it, and we support that and can help them in many ways. And then we have owners like this one that are so much more interested in making sure that their vehicle lasts as long as possible. Something that they literally want to hand down to their children.

Well, this vehicle looks slightly modified. We have lifted it. Put some bigger tires on it. Changed the suspension. Put different bumpers on it. Sure. Nothing extreme. It is still very daily drivable and can be manageable for anyone. Some of the other things that we’ve done to this vehicle aren’t so easy to see.

We’ve added an auxiliary transmission cooler that doubles the capacity of that transmission, so that even with the off-road bumpers that have added weight to it and a full load and his camping gear, the roof rack and everything on top, that transmission can stay cool all day goin’ up and down I-70 to the mountains with his family.

At the same time, we also added a larger oil cooler and a remote oil filter relocation kit to increase the oil capacity of the engine. Not only will this keep the engine oil cleaner longer, giving him a longer interval between oil changes, but it will additionally allow greater cooling capacity to keep the oil temperature lower.

We’ve also added a power steering cooler into this vehicle, so that in extreme duress, off-road situations, where the wheel is constantly being pitched and yawed side to side, specifically in four-wheel drive, when there’s added forces on the steering, that pump will never get warm, never overheat its fluid. Additionally, because we knew those steering problems were gonna be a concern for this vehicle, we hand-built larger steering components, physically heavier duty larger tubes, larger rod ends here in house, so that we can ensure that when this vehicle sees high-speed desert usage, the steering is stronger than factory, the wheels and tires can hold up to the abuse and that the vehicle is making enough power steering to counteract any of those feelings to the driver, translating to a smooth ride and reliable vehicle.

We could go on and on about some of the modifications to this vehicle about longevity, but one of the last ones we’re gonna talk about today is the electrical system. I’m sure you’ve seen at this point the glowing lights from under the hood of the vehicle. We have replaced every single light bulb in this vehicle with an LED. We’ve additionally replaced all of the ballast resistors for your turn signals with LED resistors as well, so that they still time appropriately and don’t confuse the dash into thinking there’s a bulb out due to that low resistance in these new LED bulbs. We’ve also added hood lift supports and under-hood LED lighting to further assist ourselves when doing repairs to the vehicle, as it constantly comes in for bigger and better upgrades. To help ensure that not only those LEDs get proper power and maintain longevity, but we’ve also installed an Optima RedTop battery, one of the most reputable batteries in the market, to give cold-cranking power, extended life usage and ensure that every electronic accessory has no problems at any point in time.

If you have an old Jeep in Denver and you’ve got concerns about keeping ‘er on the road for a long time, please give us a call. Not only would we be honored to see your pride and joy and help you keep it on the road for years, we would love to be able to help put together a game plan so that we can both maintain every aspect of the vehicle for many, many years to come.

If you’ve got concerns about yours or you’d simply like to make your vehicle a little bigger, stronger and longer lasting, please give us a call here at Saul’s Automotive. We can be reached seven days a week at 303-919-7769.

Thank you, and happy trails.

We can be reached seven days a week for all of your auto mechanic repair needs at 303-919-7769. Thank you.

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Saul Reisman

Saul Reisman

Saul Reisman has been helping the residents of the Centennial State with their automotive needs for over ten years now. He finished his Associate Degree in Physics at the Community College of Denver. Saul is an active member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association and a board member of the Young Executives Network. He undergoes constant educational training through GMC, MOPAR, Ford, Snap-On, Borg-Warner, and Ozark Automotive, with an emphasis on diagnosis, repair, and improvement.

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