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If your Mercury needs servicing, bring it over to Saul’s Autotek, and we’ll fix it in no time!

Repairing Cars Since 1989

The Go-to Shop for Mercury Repair, Maintenance, and Inspection

Mercury was a brand of automobile that the famous Ford Motor Company marketed. It was established in 1983 as a medium-price brand of Ford. Although Mercury vehicles are no longer under production, they’re still very popular among collectors looking for cars that feature style and comfort.

If you own a car from Mercury, Saul’s Autotek is here to help you keep it running like new. We have highly trained and skilled technicians with over 250 years of collective experience. Our team also has access to state-of-the-art equipment, so you’re guaranteed to receive reliable and timely services from us.

Our Mercury Services

Since Mercury vehicles are no longer being produced, it’s all the more critical to look for experts out there who understand the inner mechanisms of these vehicles and how to handle the maintenance of those still out there correctly.

We at Saul’s Autotek have a team of ASE-certified technicians who can handle any Mercury car. The services that we provide are as follows:

Full Vehicle Inspections

It’s essential to have a complete inspection done to see if your car is experiencing any problems or showing signs of issues that you can prevent. Here at Saul’s Autotek, we have the latest diagnostic tools to inspect your car and catch problems that need to be addressed.


While known for their exceptional reliability, Mercury vehicles still require maintenance to remain running smoothly. Saul’s Autotek is here to ensure that every maintenance service is properly done. Our professional technicians provide everything, from regular oil changes to necessary tune-up services.

Auto Repair

Inevitably, cars encounter problems. When they do, Saul’s Autotek is the best shop to call! Our ASE-certified technicians can resolve any vehicle issues your Mercury may encounter. You can rely on us to repair all components, including engines, braking systems, steering systems, fuel pumps, drivetrains, electrical systems, radiators, and drive belts.

OEM Parts and Special Offers

Since Mercury vehicles are no longer under production, it’s no surprise that finding parts for them can be quite a challenge. If you need them, contact Saul’s Autotek, as we have genuine Mercury OEM parts you can purchase at fair prices. We also have special offers for Mercury-related services that you can take advantage of to make the most out of your money!

Special Offers


for a Comprehensive Inspection

$50 Off

for Any Service Over $500
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For the best auto repair and maintenance services in the State of Colorado, look no further than Saul’s Autotek! Here’s what sets us apart:

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